Augma loves nothing more than transforming imagination into reality. Our team specializes in product design, branding, packaging, illustration & advertising. Whether you are looking to convey ideas in beautiful simplicity or with mind-blowing visuals, we’ll create something that will resonate with your brand, leading to enhanced recognition and recall with your target audience.

Augma's Design Process is grounded in strategic and conceptual thinking as we believe an effective brand is only built upon the platform of a compelling brand story

We Create Solutions for the Client that...

Are relevant to its


Uplifting for the


Creating an Emotional


What sets us apart is that, at Augma we understand that concept, craft and data demand equal emphasis for any project to reach its full potential. We are strongly passionate about the power of good design that has a strong foundation in data and quality production.

We customize our services to meet the needs of each client. We work with a collaborative spirit to bring excellent products, services and experiences to market. Our design team grounds its work in market opportunity, stays relentlessly focused on outcomes. Whatever it takes, Augma makes it real.

Our Design Process

Great Design starts with an empathetic understanding of the problem you are trying to solve. It involves testing your intuition and understanding what people’s motivation and experiences are based on. We rely on observation, in-context interviews,  qualitative research and quantitative analysis. Our Design process starts with collecting data for a more informed design direction.

This phase is where we synthesize and analyse our research, observations and learning in the field. This gives our design team an opportunity to gather relevant ideas to establish features, functions and any other elements that will allow them to solve the problems. With a solid background of understanding of the problem, our team starts to identify solutions and alternative ways of looking at the problem. 

Prototyping is an essential stage of the design process. Our team produces scaled down prototypes of the product so they are able to investigate the problems solutions they generated in the previous stage. Based on the prototype testing, products are either accepted, re-imagined, improved or rejected based on user experience. Building a prototype is a quick and risk-averse way to get ideas into the hands of the people we are designing for, and to iterate efficiently.

Gathering feedback from users on even the most rapid of prototypes is essential to evolving towards a successful product, service, or experience. It also keeps the people we’re designing for at the center of the process, getting their buy-in early on—an integral part of human-centered design.

In this phase, our solutions begin to really take shape. This is when we can truly define success for our clients and partners, pilot our ideas through live prototyping,  road-mapping and evolve our solutions to keep them relevant and sustainable.

Our design services


At Augma, we bring together creativity and imagination to explore shape, form, function and construction. We incorporate ergonomics, user interaction and engineering requirements in all our design projects. We work on refining concepts to ensure your product/packaging creates a satisfying consumer experience.


We have a vast experience in running multiple campaigns in multiple regions using multiple media. We are driven to get maximum returns on investments for our clients by making these campaigns well planned and well timed.


We create effective branding that helps build your reputation, make you stand out from your competition and project your values to attract your target audience.


At Augma, we create memorable retail environments that translate your brand into a unique and engaging experience. Our sole aim is to drive your sales performance and increase your profitability.

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