paid media optimisation

Its Important!!
Very important to take the brand to where your customer is. Showcasing the product/service to the right prospect increases the chances of conversion by at least 5x. 


0 $

for every $1 spent is how much businesses make on PPC

5 %

is about how much search ads can increase brand awareness

20 %

of all high-intent searches result in an ad click

We take your business you’ve worked so hard to build out into the world through campaigns.

Augma helps your business and its offerings achieve maximum exposure through seamless execution and smooth delivery of the intended message intricately and passionately crafted into campaigns that have an everlasting impact on your customer’s mind and is compelled to stick to the brand by repeat Wow’isms done on continuous basis. 

why should you go for pay per click?

Break from the Clutter

From social promotion to search advertising, Real-time bidding to programmatic media buying, the ideal media plan should aim at deriving the right mix of media vehicles available at the planner's disposal - the key is to break through the clutter and reach the target audience in the most cost effective way.

Get more Brand Mileage

Augma aims at making all your paid media initiatives not only effective but affordable. We offer deeper penetration into various platforms at competitive rates, hence a lot more mileage for your brand.

Build relationships

An optimized media plan is just the start of your audience’s journey. The key is not just how you get a lead, but what you do once you have it. We don’t just connect you with your customers, we build relationships.


Get your marketing spend analysed and find out if you are getting maximum ROI.

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