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As people’s relationship with brands shift to new interfaces and interactions such as voice and AI, it’s essential businesses keep up to ensure they are communicating in the most meaningful and effective way.

The vocabulary of branding is changing and we are at the forefront of that evolution. We are re-thinking the way brands and their experiences need to be designed to stand out and communicate with customers on their ever-evolving terms. 

Why is a brand identity important?

Perception of Quality

With a good brand identity, in the customer’s mind you’re positioned as better quality.

Price Premium

Getting your brand identity right is the key to ensure you attract more customers prepared to spend more money.

Recognition and loyalty

A strong brand identity helps customer remember you brand.

Experience and Reliability

A well crafted brand identity creates an image of an established business.


A unique brand identity makes your brand stand out in the ocean of brands trying to fight for a consumers attention.

A strong brand identity forms the foundation for all your marketing and brand awareness efforts

You might have the best team and services around, but if your branding is not representative of your business’ authority and expertise, you might struggle to get attention.

If you are looking to expand your business and develop your company image, it’s important to craft a strong brand identity. Successful brands are those who creatively and clearly communicate their offerings in design and messaging

So, what does your brand say about you?

Brand Research

Brand research helps us understand the client's industry, competitors and target market. This is the phase where we get insights on how the client want their new brand to fit into their sector, thereby helping us develop a Brand Strategy. We don’t just look into how the brand looks, we try to understand their brand positioning and how we are going to get there.

Brand Strategy

All our Brand Strategy efforts are focused on effectively entering your brand into a market and getting it noticed. We take into account what message you want to talk about, where you would like to share that message and who would you like to share it with. A key difference between a successful brand and an unsuccessful one is a perfect combination of these factors.

Brand Workshops

A brand workshop is a must if you want to make sure your brand is consistent throughout your business. We encourage fun debates, conversations and improvements during the process. We help a team share common vision and goal to improve your overall brand.

Brand Refresh

We are transparent in our practices and approach. We will let our clients know if they don't require a complete redesign of their brand and if only a little refresh will get them results. We are completely upfront and honest about every project. We keep the client and their goals as the anchor that drives all our branding efforts.

Name Creation

Thinking of a name for a company can be difficult. It is the first step in the journey of any brand. In the long run the client will have this name forever, so picking the right name for a brand becomes even more important. Our branding team helps our clients develop their brand name based on their business concept.

Logo Design

Looking for a logo design that stands out within your industry? Our branding team will go through the design process and ensure your new logo matches your brand personality as a business. A logo isn’t just an image, it’s the forefront of a business, the first thing a potential client may see and it should represent everything that a brand stands for.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is anything that is build digitally. It comprises of brochures, signage, social media assets, business cards or anything anything else that represents your brand. We design and also have the capability of manufacturing all your collateral that tell a unified brand story.

Tone of Voice

A brand’s Tone of Voice is how the business comes across through spoken and written word. It could be your company's marketing communication or overall culture. A brand's tone of voice depends on the type of sector it is in and the customers or clients it is targeting.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are created to ensure a brand is always consistent from the word go. It is a document that explains to everybody how to use each element within a brand. Its purpose is to ensure branding is done the right way and to not stray from its style, colors, fonts and icons.


We strive to build true icon. We believe a brand must have a strong identity though which it will present itself to the world. A brand should be unique and should set a benchmark for others in its industry.

At Augma, we have a blend of design expertise and a breadth of experience within our team that enables us to cover all aspects of brand identity. This combination gives our teams a global perspective that makes working in other cultures effortless.

Our brand identity strategies are fired by limitless imaginations, guided by strategic tenacity and informed by production know-how. Our  team of designers create brand identities and work hand in hand with client teams in their development. Our 360° approach to design ensures those identities come to life vividly in every medium.

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