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At Augma, our team of creatively lead and strategically thinking designers have international exposure in projects from the design capital of the world, Milan. This team with decades of combined experience in design ensures that all our endeavors are prolific in detail and functional in form.

We focus on product innovation that is appealing, responsible and profitable. To uncover and exploit opportunities for you, We have built a balanced team across human sciences, design and technology with the breadth and depth needed to provide you with meaningful innovation.


In our experience the smartest results come when you get designers thinking about your product right from the idea stage. So that’s how we work: together we go back to first principles, what does your ‘thing’ need to do? What problem do you need to solve? Then we build from there, applying our designers’ mix of fierce logic and creative thinking from conception all the way to launch.


Defining the Product Vision

Product Description Options & Models Features & Fuctions


User/ Market Outline

Value Proposition Customer Personas
Target Markets
Competitive Benchmarking
Colors/Materials/ Finishes


User Analysis

Key Audience Segments
Design Validation
Risk Analysis



Story Boarding
Idea Validation



Design Specs


Commercialization Plan

Manufacturing Plan
Development Plan
End of life/ Disposal/ Recycling
Business Plan & Cashflow Model

Defining the Product Vision

One of the most important phases of product design is actually done before the design process even starts. Before Augma's team of designers start building a product, they understand its context for existence. It’s the time when the product team defines the product vision and product strategy.

User/ Market Outline

Once the product vision is defined, product research (which naturally includes user and market research) provides the other half of the foundation for great design. To maximize the chances of success, the product team conducts insightful research before making any product decisions.

User Analysis​

After research, the product team makes sense of the data it’s collected. The aim of the analysis phase is to draw insights from the data collected during the product research phase. Capturing, organizing and making inferences about what users want, think or need can help designers begin to understand why they want, think or need that.


The ideation phase is a time when team members brainstorm on a range of creative ideas that address the project goals. During this phase, our aim is not only to generate ideas but also to confirm that the most important design assumptions are valid.


After the ideation phase, the product team has a clear understanding of what they want to build. During the design phase, the product team will begin to create the solution to solve the client’s problem and implement concepts. To deliver a good user experience, prototyping is a part of our design process. A prototype is an experimental model of an idea that enables you to test it before building the full solution.

Testing And Validation

The testing and validation phase helps our product team ensure the design concept works as intended. Product testing is an art in itself. Do it wrong and you’ll learn nothing. Do it right and you might get incredible, unexpected insights that might even change your product strategy.


Our Product Design experts always focus on making a product intelligent, usable and in tune with the times.

At Augma, we bridge the gap between design concept and design delivery. Our teams of designers, visualizers and production experts work collaboratively to build exceptional products that delight aesthetically and succeed commercially.

We design products that are apt for the user and the purpose. We achieve this through continuous refinement. Our design team doesn’t speed through a job, their focus is to get the process right so the product that is developed has a strong foundation. After establishing what is needed to make your product efficient, our only motive is to refine the design to reach its full potential.

We are dedicated to applying our creativity and expertise in design, mechanical and electronic engineering to ensure we develop a commercially viable product.

Augma strives to develop meaningful product and features by emphasizing on design input to maximize its potential and resolve functional aspects. Our skilled product design team can add substantial value to your invention by combining our problem solving skills with our strong understanding of the customer behavior.


Creating exemplary packaging that drives results has always been aUGMa’s focus. We don't look at the pack in isolation and always bring on the table the wider context to get to a perfect solution

We always look beyond the pack to how the brand will come to life. Our packaging design aims to capture what the consumer believes and values about a brand. We strive to express these insights persuasively through our packaging.

We create brands from scratch, relaunch existing brands, refresh outdated packaging, create multi lingual packaging and build beautiful brand experiences. 

Our packaging design experts design packaging  that makes an impact from store shelf to website thumbnail and direct to consumer. We ensure your brand is compelling and present throughout your consumer journey. We help you get your product to the market in the most inspiring and persuasive avatar.

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